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Sales leads are an integral part of building your business – who is buying your product? How are you reaching them?

As inbound and content marketing become the standard for bringing in new customers, it can be challenging to find new ways to generate sales leads. Even if your content is reaching the right people, you may find it challenging to encourage them to provide information and further interact with your company.

Consider these options to generate new sales leads for your business:

1. Offer a free consultation.

If you’re optimizing your content for your target market, make sure you are able to capture the leads! Offer potential customers a free 15-minute consultation – they’re more likely to give you a chance since it doesn’t require a large investment, and you have the opportunity to prove your company’s value proposition. Be sure to capitalize on the consultations by being prepared and make plans to follow up afterwards!

2. Create a referral program for your existing clients.

Your pre-existing contacts are a great place to start when looking for new leads! Reach out to your current customers and ask if they have any recommendations for other people or companies that may be interested in your product. Just be sure that the referrals come from satisfied customers who are excited to share your brand!

3. Build a blog.

Having a well-developed web presence is important to reaching potential customers. A blog is perfect for demonstrating your expertise and expanding your online footprint. By providing insightful, relevant information, your blog can attract potential customers. Be sure to optimize your content for your target market and promote it on social media to ensure an effective strategy.

4. Create an email newsletter.

Build a newsletter based on your industry, and offer website visitors the chance to sign up. Since the customer is voluntarily giving you their contact information, you will easily be able to follow up in the future to present your product and services. The newsletter itself is also an opportunity to promote your other content and provide helpful information to potential customers.

5. Develop resources to give away for free (eBooks, White Papers, Slide Decks)

Investing time into creating quality resources to give away for free on your website is important for generating new leads for your business. When someone chooses to download your content they must first give your their information. It’s a win-win – customers get quality content and you get a new sales lead and a new email newsletter subscriber.

6. Optimize your content for search engines (SEO)

Your website is filled with great content – but are your target customers finding it? Search Engine Optimization helps your content land closer to the top of search results. Research your target market to discover what they’re searching for online, and optimize your content accordingly. Utilize keywords and phrases in page titles and content, and make sure you use customer terms rather than technical jargon.

7. Launch a SEM or PPC campaign.

Search Engine Marketing, or paid search, and Pay-Per-Click ads can be a great opportunity to promote your content online. By investing in getting your brand in front of target customers, you will increase your page views and in turn gain new customers. Make sure that you have clear calls to action within the landing pages from these ads to ensure customers can easily follow up with your company.

8. Utilize social media to engage with potential customers.

Social media can open many new doors to potential customers. By engaging on the same platforms as your target audience, you can increase your brand awareness and promote your content. You can also utilize social media to collaborate with complementary businesses, running different promotions and giveaways.

9. Work with social influencers.

Pick a few social media influencers who fit your brand – both in personality and product. By providing them free products or services, they can give an honest opinion/review on their social platforms. Their followers trust them, and one rave review can generate many new leads – but be sure that you provide a positive experience. Even if you aren’t specifically working with influencers, always keep an eye on social media so you can respond to positive and negative posts in a timely manner.

10. Add live chat functionality to your website.

Having a live chat can help your sales team engage with customers at just the right moment. Current live chat systems track customers and allow your to send targeted messages depending on what page they are on.

Some of our recommended live chat platforms:

Intercom – 
Drift – 
Olark –
LiveChat –

11. Don’t be afraid to try new content strategies.

Even if you’ve found success with your current content marketing, there’s always opportunity to expand your offering and reach a new audience. There a more options now than ever to provide information online – start a podcast, host an online seminar, and explore niche social platforms. There are endless ways to connect with consumers online, as long as you make sure that you’re utilizing the right platforms.