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Having lots of traffic on your website is awesome, but if you can’t convert that traffic into leads then they might as well not even be there. Using these tips on your website will help you to get your audience to take action, whether it’s giving you their email address, making a purchase or filling out a form.

1. Insert CTA’s (Call to Action) on every page

Never miss an opportunity to add another address to your email list and lock in a potential lead. Place CTA’s on almost every page (except “Thank You” pages, instead, redirect them back to the homepage or your main blog page). You can also place CTA buttons that link to forms, your contact page as well as other content on your website.

2. Conversion elements above the fold

Any CTA’s, offers, or links that will help convert your visitors should be placed above the fold of the webpage. A visitor may just be looking around, so who’s to say they are going to scroll down your entire web page. People these days have a very short attention span so let the CTA’s find your visitors – don’t make the visitor find the CTA.

3. Pay attention to your headlines

Create headlines that use tangible action verbs, like “Reserve yours now” to demonstrate a sense of urgency.

4. Include just a few fields when requesting information

When you’re collecting information in a form, ask for as little information as possible. The more fields the visitor has to type information into, the less likely they are to complete the form at hand. Get the necessary information like their name and email, and give them opportunities to tell you more about themselves later on.

5. Have a clear, defined navigation menu

Make it easy for users to explore your site. A clear, horizontal top navigation bar tends to work best but it is up to you to test and decide.

6. Create a simple yet sophisticated layout

Don’t make elements on your web page too flashy as this can make your business seem unprofessional. Keep your web design clean with modern fonts and a well-designed color scheme.

For free modern fonts for your website check out google fonts –

7. Clearly state the benefits and features of your products or service

Make sure that your visitors know the benefits and features of your product or service right off the bat. Don’t leave them wondering “what is this product going to do for me?”. Let them know exactly why they need what you’re selling.

8. Always generate new content on multiple channels

If your site isn’t constantly being filled with new content on either a weekly or even daily basis, your website may appear outdated. Additionally, the more content your site has, the more likely users searching for a product or service like yours are going to find it.

9. Include contact information

If someone has a question, it is important that they can have it answered. Don’t just offer a contact form, but also provide a phone number, live chat widget or a direct email address that consumers can reach out too. This makes your service seem more personal and willing to help.

10. Link to your social media accounts

Allow visitors to share the content they are reading to social media channels by including share buttons. You can also add social media icons to your navigation bar and footer area.

AddThis is a great free tool to add social media sharing to your website –

11. Use high quality, vibrant images

When placing pictures and photographs on your website, make sure they are high-quality images. Also, make sure the colors are bright so the content looks more attractive. You can use websites like unsplash and Shutterstock to find high-quality images.

12. Use a live-chat feature

A live chat widget is a great tool to interact with your audience. They can immediately have their questions answered and will feel more connected to your business.

Here a few of the best live-chat platforms that we recommend. The first two offer free plans.

FreshChat (Free) –
Drift (Free) –
Intercom –
Olark –

13. Showcase customer reviews

Don’t do all the talking yourself. Let your reviews show the quality of your product by allowing real people to leave them on your site. Try to be as honest as possible about the reviews left on your site, and in the case that there is a dissatisfied customer, respond to their review and see what you can do to help.

14. Optimize all pages for SEO

To increase your conversion rate, you will need to increase the traffic sent to your site from search engines. By optimizing for SEO, you’ll increase the likeliness that people will find your product or service when searching for specific keywords.

To learn how to get started with SEO check out our guide –

If you have a WordPress website we recommend the Yoast SEO plugin which is the best product on the market today

Yoast SEO –

15. Offer various payment methods

Nothing is worse than when you’re about to close on a lead, and then they can’t pay for the product. Include as many payment methods as possible. Services like Stripe and PayPal offer a number of payment options.

16. Use video to personalize your brand

Include videos or tutorials throughout your landing pages explaining what the visitor is looking at. This shows that there are real people behind your brand and further personalized the experience for the visitor.

17. Tell your audience exactly what they’re going to get

Try to address all potential questions about your product. Don’t give your audience the run-around, let them know exactly what you’re offering and what they are going to get. A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section or knowledge base is a great way to answer some of your most popular questions

18. Use CTA buttons over links

Buttons tend to be more aesthetically pleasing then links, and also seem more native to your web design than links do. Therefore, when you can, put your CTA’s in simple button formats that blend in with your page yet will stand out and encourage click-throughs.

19. Create pay-per-click ads for your products

Bring in more visitors to your site by taking advantage of services like Google Display Network and Adwords. Advertise your products and services and take advantage of all the tools available to you.

20. Use testimonials

Testimonials are another great way to create hype around your business while also demonstrating your product in action. Either video testimonials or written posts with images are a great way to create buzz around your product.

21. Optimize for mobile

Nowadays, more than half of online traffic is from mobile devices. Make sure that your website is responsive and performing well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

22. Keep your language simple, easy to follow, and conversational.

Make it easy for the visitor to understand what you’re offering and what you’re saying. Inform the reader about issues they may be having, how your product can benefit them, and so forth, but do so in a conversational matter. By making your content easy to read and understand, you will attract a larger audience and keep users engaged with your content.