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FB Live

Over the past two years, we have seen a rise in livestream video platforms allowing for real-time engagement online. This has created a more personal interaction amongst viewers and those streaming, as many applications allow for audience tools like commenting and expressing reactions to the video right in front of them.

Immediately, the aspect of audience engagement should stand out if you’re a business owner. Taking advantage of these live tools can help to create the ultimate marketing experience for your target audience. To get you started with this personal and engaging tool, this guide will cover several ways for you to use the Facebook Live feature and how to get started.

But why Facebook live, in particular? Simply because it has become the most popular and powerful live streaming tool available. With nearly 2 billion users, Facebook allows your business to reach the largest audience possible. Some elements of Facebook Live that also make it great include:

  • Ability to see who and how many people are watching
  • Ability for users to react in real time to what you’re saying, letting you keep track of how your audience felt at all times during a stream
  • Timestamped comment section in which you can reply during or after the stream
  • Video can remain published afterward for users to go back and watch again
  • Users can tag Facebook friends or share your video to increase audience reach

Those five aspects should demonstrate how useful Facebook Live can be for your business in growing your audience and increasing engagement. So what can your business livestream? Here are a few ideas you should try and some tips on how to get started with facebook live for business.

1. Give a behind the scenes look at your business

Social media is the premier way to show your audience how your business functions. By taking advantage of Facebook live, you can easily show off how your business runs. Documenting the performing of a service, demonstrating your company strategy in action, and helping clients live gives your audience a preview of what it’s like to do business with you. If they like what they see, they’ll become more personally invested in your company. Additionally, it’ll feel like they already know you, making them more comfortable with your business.

2. Hold FAQ sessions where viewers can ask questions and get answers in real-time

One of the great things about Facebook live is the ability for users to be able to comment and react while you’re recording. Therefore, a great way to take advantage of this feature is to have an executive or group of employees, sit down and freely answer the questions your viewers may have. This is a great way to convert leads into clients, as it will create a transparent relationship in which consumers can maximize the information they have about your business to help them make an informed decision. In order to get things started, you can post a survey online to collect questions from your followers before the event begins. Google forms is a quick and easy way to post surveys online.

3. Host client or employee interviews

Interviewing clients or employees about what it’s like to work with your business is a great way to showcase your success. Client interviews can act as testimonials, or endorsements, in which your audience learns even more about your business while engaging with it. Questions can come from both the interviewer facilitating the conversation and from the audience in the comment section.

4. Broadcast live events

Product launches, corporate events, location unveilings, whatever it may be, make your audience a part of the action. Walk them through every step of what’s going on while addressing any outstanding questions/comments they may have. This is extremely beneficial if your business is client-oriented because it allows your audience to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

5. Discuss industry news

If your company has blog posts or any other type of informative industry content, walking users through it is a great way to better their understanding. By taking advantage of Facebook live, you can teach your viewers new things, thus building trust while also clarifying content that you post. This is a great way to go into even more detail and make your content shine. You can then link to the content that your stream correlates to in the description.

6. Let your audience know when your livestream will be held

Before holding your Facebook Live events, be sure to give your audience ample notice via social media posts and emails. Let them know when to tune in so you actually have viewers. When you done send out a link to the recorded event so people can watch it on their own time.

7. Get the proper equipment for streaming

If you want to get serious with your streaming, consider purchasing an HD camcorder and a tripod. However, smartphone camera quality is increasing at a rapid rate, so your iPhone X will work just as well! Browse online for additional accessories like mini tripods, microphones, and lighting to make your livestreams clean, crisp, and professional.


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