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You’ve probably heard it all when it comes to why you need social media for your business. It isn’t a hard concept to grasp – social media is a free, easy way to increase your brand awareness and interact with over 2 billion potential customers.

Unfortunately, today’s social platforms have become saturated with brands and influencers trying to get noticed by consumers, and consumers have begun to see through the marketing efforts integrated into their favorite sites. How can you get more engagement on your social media posts and create an environment where consumers want to interact with you?

1. Be authentic

Social media gives you the opportunity to give your audience a more personal look into your company. Don’t treat it as just another marketing tactic – adjust your strategy to fit the platform. You can give an inside look into your company by showing more personality in your posts and giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the business. The key is to be true to your brand and have a personality behind your posts, not just another marketing robot.

2. Know your audience

Each platform is different, and every member uses it in their own way. Pay attention to what your consumers are looking for on each website – your own post engagement will give you a sense of what they like. Listen to your audience, and create more of the content they enjoy most.

3. Host a giveaway

Giveaways help you promote your brand, gain more followers, and give back to your audience. With an exciting prize and simple entry rules, you can easily engage both your current followers and new ones. After hosting a giveaway, make sure you continue to post consistently to engage your new audience!


4. Demonstrate social awareness by supporting a good cause

Running a campaign that promotes a cause everyone can get behind will both increase your engagement and improve your company’s reputation. Be careful to choose causes and campaigns that align well with your mission, and do thorough research on any organizations you promote.

5. Utilize live content

Live streaming is the latest social media phenomenon – and platforms are likely to promote your account when you use their live feature. You can use live streaming to show the behind-the-scenes of an event, a day at your company, or answers questions about the industry. Promote your livestream beforehand and treat it as a “don’t miss” exclusive event!

6. Promote your customers

Another great way to gain more engagement is to promote your customers. Repost images you’re tagged in and respond to their posts to create a more personalized relationship. When your audience sees that you promote your followers, they’re more likely to tag you in their own posts as well.

7. Repurpose content for different platforms

Just because each platform has a different purpose doesn’t mean you can’t use your content across all of them! With a little extra effort, you can optimize your posts for each platform you plan to post them on. For example, you may Instagram an aesthetically-pleasing picture, but put a headline or title overlay on top before posting it to Pinterest. By fitting your post to each platform, you’ll ensure maximum engagement across the board.

8. Authenticity comes first

While it’s great to be funny or trendy, the most important goal is to remain authentic. Followers can see right through when you’re faking things just for likes, so don’t just mimic other brands. Stay true to your mission statement and personality, and the right followers for your business will be naturally drawn to you.


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