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These days people are checking their emails, now more than ever and with smartphones, people can check their inbox from anywhere. Email marketing can be a great tool, as long as it’s executed properly. Get started running email marketing campaigns with these tips:

1. Define your goals

Before you start sending out mass emails to every address, figure out what you want to accomplish with email marketing. The opportunities are endless, but it’s important to know what you’re aiming for – do you want to bring more people to your website? Notify them about new products? Knowing your goals will help you keep a clear idea of what each email is meant to do.

2. Start building your list

Make sure you have permission to use emails – this will also ensure that the people opening them are actually interested in your company. Prompt site visitors and customers to provide their email, and consider offering a bonus or benefit for signing up. Don’t focus on the number of emails on your list, rather on the quality of the recipients. Sending an email to thousands of people who send it directly to their trash folder won’t reap any benefits.

3. Create your campaign

Looking at your email marketing goals, decide what approach you want to take with your campaign. You can use a promotional format or something more information-based like a newsletter or guide. Just make sure to keep in mind what you want recipients to do once they read the email.

We recommend using platforms like MailChimp to create your campaigns. They offer an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that anyone can use.

4. Consider your audience

When creating a campaign, keep in mind that not every customer is the same. Take into account the different demographics you can market to, and segment email campaigns accordingly. With targeted emails, you’ll ensure that you successfully engage with potential customers and build a stronger brand image.

5. Look at the numbers

After sending an email out, make sure you look at your results and adjust accordingly. Using open and click rates can help you refine subject lines, send times, and email content. You can also refine your list based on bounced emails and success rates. Once you’ve reviewed your first email, you can continue the campaign and improve the results each time!