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Email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate new products and deliver great content to your audience. Marketing through email serves up one of the highest returns on investments amongst all online marketing channels and should be utilized by all businesses.

You may already have thousands of emails on your list to send marketing content to, but what’s the point if only 5 percent of them are opening your emails? It’s easy to grow your email marketing list, but if you aren’t growing the list with potential clients, the list is as a good as useless. Therefore, we have come up with a few strategies to help you grow your email marketing list with people that will actually read your emails and maximize your return on investment.

1. Make it easy for people to opt-in to your e-mail list

If potential consumers are browsing your website and reading through your content, it’s possible that they are finding your website informative and intriguing. For that reason, they may want to learn more about your business and industry. How can they do that? By subscribing to your company newsletter!

Having a clear, call to action on your website where consumers can enter their information and join your email list is key to developing a healthy catalog of potential consumers. If they are expressing interest, it is more likely that they will sign up for your email if the opt-in form is prominent on either the sidebar or via a popup. The more times users see this option, the more likely they are going to add themselves to your list.

2. Clearly outline the benefits of joining your email list

Nobody likes spam, and unfortunately, a lot of people associate email with spam. But what makes your company different? How can the consumer benefit from joining your email list, without feeling as if they’re only going to receive trash-bin worthy content?

Telling consumers what they are signing up for, whether it be access to more content, deals, special offers, promotions, contests, etc. will help them decide whether they want to join your list or not. If you are going to be sending them more content, make sure the blog posts and content on your website are good quality and relevant. It serves as a preview of what will be receiving via your newsletter.

3. Hold a contest to spark engagement amongst your audience

Everyone loves the chance of winning something, whether it be an experience, trip, free product, or maybe a gift card. Therefore, holding a contest is a great way to excite and engage your audience, but more importantly, a great way to add more emails onto your marketing list.

There are two types of contests that may be beneficial to growing your email list. The first is content creation, where users can submit things like artwork, photos, or blog posts to be featured on your site. This is great if your business is looking to spark engagement amongst its existing consumers. However, if you are looking to attract new consumers, offering a prize worth monetary value may pull in more subscribers from new channels.

4. Send out a quality newsletter with updates, relevant information, and resources

Once someone is subscribed to your email list, you want to keep it that way. Instead of giving them a reason to unsubscribe by sending them useless content, give them a reason to stay tuned by sending them appealing content.

By condensing offers, information, and resources into periodic emails, you are able to deliver a lot of content to consumers without sending an invasive amount of emails. It is important to highlight one of the main offers in the subject line of the email, in order to hook the reader into opening and clicking through the email. Rather than just making the subject line “Weekly newsletter,” pull them in with an attractive new offer or piece of information.

5. Analyze campaign results and adjust for future emails

After launching an email campaign to your audience, it is important to go over the statistics of the email and compare it to other campaigns. Feel free to A/B test campaigns to see which content performs better. This will allow you to determine what types of emails that you are sending that are more likely to be opened and allow you to cultivate your most appealing marketing material.

6. Use social media to grow your lists

Members of your audience can join onto your email lists through social media call to actions. Running contests through social media will increase the number of addresses you take in, as well as spread the word about your business.

You can also place CTA’s on your Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages, allowing you to increase the number of people signing up to learn more about your business. Using your social media channels as a way to share and re-promote content that proved to be successful in attracting new leads is also an effective strategy in increasing your organic reach.

7. Partner your digital strategy with your traditional marketing strategy

Although online marketing has become more efficient than traditional, print marketing for many businesses, you can still increase your reach by collecting email addresses at live events. You can collect email addresses at conferences, educational events, in-store or at your location depending upon the services you offer, and so forth.

8. Partner for promotion

It’s a great idea to look for possible partners to share leads with and cross-promote each other over social media accounts and newsletters. This will give your business a fresh audience to reach while also creating a stable relationship with a partner.

Not only will this generate fresh leads, partnering for promotion will aid the credibility of your business in the eyes of the consumer. Seeing not only other people but other businesses, promote your services demonstrates a level of expertise in the area and will help convert more leads.

9. Offer a downloadable whitepaper or ebook

Giving the consumer an educational tool for free when they first start using your service can be extremely beneficial. Everyone appreciates being able to easily obtain informative resources, so offering one for free is a great way to attract people to your website. Upon request to download, collect their email address and contact information and have it sent directly to them. This will add another email to your address list, as well as have them on the look-out for more emails from your business.

Hopefully, these tips will help you grow your email marketing list and generate more leads for your business. If your company needs assistance developing email marketing campaigns and generating more content for your website feel free to contact us we would love to help you grow your company’s email marketing list.